An excellent way of doing mental maths.

The advantage of Quick Cards is that the activity can be carried out independently by pairs of children. Pupils get immediate feedback on their responses. As far as the teacher is concerned, no preparation or marking are required. The pages have been laid out in such a way that the purchasing school can photocopy the sheets, laminate them (if you wish) and cut them into individual cards.

Quick Cards: Number Operations

  • The contents include: doubles and near doubles within 20; addition within 20; subtraction within 20; doubling and halving; multiplication to 10 x 10; division with no remainders; division with remainders; subtract single digit from multiple of 100; subtract 1 digit from 3 digit number bridging the 100; subtract single digit from multiple of 1000; adding decimals - whole number answer; adding decimals - units and tenths

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