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ISBN 978 1 898873 61 7


by Maggie Johnson and Carolyn Player


This is now available as a digital resource (more details here




This is a resource for both speech and lanuage therapists and teachers.


Children with attention problems, poor thinking skills, avoidance tactics, over-reliance on adults and low self-esteem present real problems.

Why don’t these children ask for help or seek clarification?

Active Listening for Active Learning is a resource for teachers with pupils who are too nervous or inexperienced to ask questions; those with language difficulties who nod vacantly when asked if they understand; those who insist they are right and see only one point of view; those who lack self-help and questioning strategies and those who cannot distinguish facts from guessing or opinion.

Both whole-class and individual strategies are provided to support these children at the different stages of their journey towards becoming effective listeners and confident communicators, with a wealth of photocopiable resources, detailed language activities and assessment procedures.

Active Listening for Active Learning

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