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  • Mood and Motivation Management

  • ADHD Proofing your School

  • The Bully, the Victim and the Bystander

  • No 2 Children the same

  • The Language of Learning

  • Supporting Children with ADHD

  • ADHD and AS: A curious couple

  • "If you don't finish dinner, you don't get dessert"

  • Teacher Coaching


Description of courses


Mood and Motivation Management

It’s not behaviour management and it never has been. It is mood management, Success in behaviour and learning are all about motivation, desire and generating a proactive learning mood. This presentation will consider the issues of mood motivation dealing with specific disaffected individuals, reviewing key teaching skills, the power of language and praise and creating whole class positivity.


ADHD Proofing your School

With the recent ruling on a permanent exclusion being overturned on appeal in Cambridgeshire regarding lack of staff training what does this mean to schools and to teachers working with children with ADHD. This course will outline the main issues that schools should take in order to provide inclusive education for all while meeting the requirements of the DDA.


The Bully, the Victim and the Bystander

Bullying blights many lives. This presentation will look at the issue of bullying from the perspective of the bully and the victim and will consider the responsibility of the bystanders. We will also look at the impact of bullying of children with the SEN spectrum and consider a range of anti-bullying policies and strategies in order to respond to this issue.


No 2 Children the same

An obvious statement, however some are more different and demanding than others. This presentation will explore some of the risk factors that result in non traditional learners and demystify a host of SEN terms including ASD, ADHD, BD, CD and ODD as well as a range of environmental factors. Key management options will be outlined to respond to these issues in terms of Structure, Flexibility, Respect, Relationships and Role Models.


The language of learning

How to get the best out of more challenging learners will not be as a result of a specific school, particular curriculum course or all the best multi-media resources in the world. The key will always be people skills in reaching and teaching disaffected, disruptive and even defiant learners. Communication is king. This presentation will explore teacher style and strategies and techniques to infuse and diffuse specific situations.


Supporting Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is medical diagnosis characterised by symptoms of extreme inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It is estimated to affect between 3 to 5% of school age children in the United Kingdom. A significant feature of the diagnosis is that it is associated with a range of learning, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, such as oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, anxiety and depression. The effects of unrecognised ADHD can be disastrous for individuals and as a result early intervention and proactive management systems are the key elements in helping children and families.


ADHD and AS: A curious couple

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome are terms used to describe specific symptoms that are associated with a range of learning, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. In truth individuals affected by ADHD and AS often have a number of overlapping issues? Understanding the range symptoms, early intervention and proactive management systems are the key elements in supporting individuals concerned in school, with peers and families.


"If you don’t finish Dinner you don’t get dessert"

This presentation will look at the issue of supporting children in the early years who appear difficult and demanding and defiant. The course will aim to create a better understanding of why some children present more challenging behaviour and have different learning styles and identify a number of key strategies including the 1,2,3 Magic Management approach.


Teacher Coaching

Coaching is training and advising teaching staff about how best to deal with certain situations and specific pupils in the classroom. It is another pair of experienced eyes and ears and will help staff in lesson planning, behaviour management strategies and advise on reflective practice regarding missed opportunities. 4 members of staff can be seen per day with written and verbal feedback with 2 visits over a 2 month period.


Length of presentation/s from SF3O Ltd Training and Coaching

In all cases the emphasis will be on practical strategies and an interactive delegate approach.


Sessions are available as Full, Half-Day or Twilight sessions

Full day typically 9.15 - 3.45


Session 1 will be identifying specific issues

Session 2 looking at practical strategies

Session 3 putting strategies into action


Alternative 4 session day to include an evening session for parents

Session 1 for students, Session 2 for teaching assistants, Session 3 whole School INSET, Session 4 for parents


Target audience

Parents, teachers, teaching assistants, special educational needs co-ordinators.


Charges (excl VAT) 


Full day   £775

Half day  £550

Twilight  £400

Coaching fees £600

Travel @ 45p per mile and overnight expenses

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