Trackers for the EYFS  Trackers for the EYFS framework (0-5 years) 



Observe and record children's progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 years) with Trackers



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Note (3rd April 2017) . . . the Government has published an updated version of the EYFS. The update relates mainly to Safeguarding and Welfare issues.   The good news is that there have been no changes to the areas of learning and development themselves (including the early learning goals).


Want to manage your EYFS paperwork in an easy, consistent way?

In the EYFS observing and assessing children's progress and planning the next steps in their learning are important. Early years outcomes are closely looked at by Ofsted.

We all find paperwork a real pain ... but we've done our best to make it as painless as possible with Trackers. They are really simple to use and make the whole recording process so much easier. Already hugely popular ... over 60,000 copies sold!!

 What exactly are Trackers?

  • Each child has his/her own Tracker book. It is divided into the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning. You record the child's progress and plan the next steps in a simple format.

  • Alongside the early years outcome statements we have added examples and prompts to help you (in the example/sample page, these are highlighted in yellow) ... here is a jpeg of the page, if you don't have Adobe.

  • There is space for your observation and assessment comments, and a box for your progress and planning notes.

  • An EYFS Progress Check for 2 year-olds sheet at the end of the Prime areas of learning.

  • An EYFS Transition report (at 5 years) at the end of the Specific areas of learning.

  • Online examples of completed Progress Check sheets.

  • Downloadable Progress check sheets (in Word format) if you want them separately (you could add your own logo, for example). Here are the two reports in Word format - EYFS Progress Check at Age 2 .... EYFS Transition Report.

  • Here is an alternative format (in Word) for the Progress Check report which give you more space to add comments. This also gives you the opportunity to include information about input from other agencies - Progress Check at 2 example ... Progress Check at 2 blank.

Here are some sample pages from Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Making relationships. Included also is the EYFS Progress Check for 2 year-olds.


Here are two examples (in Word format) (Ruby and Ellie) of completed Progress Check at Age 2 reports to give you some help. Here they are in pdf format if you prefer Ruby pdf and Ellie pdf).


A nursery (Horn End) has kindly provided some examples of completed pages that you might find helpful. In addition, the guidance notes the nursery management passed on to the team are really good ... and they are happy for us to share these:


Tracker Books

  1. On page 6 of each Tracker is an example of how to complete

  2. Next steps need to be recorded regularly It is an objective factual record and not the place for subjective comments

  3. The records should be professionally written, neatly presented without spelling or grammatical errors

  4. Show at a quick glance characteristics of how each child is playing and learning

  5. Indicate any contact with parents/follow up

  6. It is a record that normally lasts up to 4 years so planning notes need to be bullet points and written in small writing.

How do I order them?


Prices for Trackers (POST FREE)

1 - 4 copies

6.20 each

5 - 9 copies 5.50 each
10 - 19 copies 4.50 each
20 - 49 copies 4.25 each
50 - 99 copies 3.75 each
100+ copies 3.50 each

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