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Four in a Row: Time and Money

There are many resources to teach children time and money . . . but not many that are quite so interesting and unusual as this.

Based on the game Connect 4, this is a genuinely brilliant idea to get children working with seconds, minutes and hours, relating analogue and digital times, changing 12 hour times to 24 hour times; adding, subtracting and dividing coins, working out percentages . . . all in a simple games format they will play endlessly!

That’s quite a bold claim . . . but we’ve done it before with the original Four in a Row (which dealt with reinforcing number facts) and we know just how successful it was at engaging children. Our customers who are big fans of Four in a Row prompted us to do a Time and Money version – hence this edition.

The book is divided into two sections (obviously!), each dealing with time and money. Each section is broken down into several subsections designed to improve understanding, gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Suitable for primary (and children struggling in secondary), the book contains hundreds of photocopiable master sheets (114 pages).

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Four in a Row: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

"That's the best £10 I spent last year" so said a teacher at this year's London exhibition.

So what is it? It's a 'game' that reinforces number relationships. It's a game of mental maths with very simple rules that children get to grips with very easily. It's suitable for primary and contains 130 photocopiable master sheets.  If parents are looking for a way to get their children to do maths at home ... then look no further.


Have a look at some samples pages


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