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A simple, effective and inclusive programme to help you support all children in the early years at all levels of language development




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Are you ready for the new initiatives in speech, language and communication?


The Every Child a Talker early language programme focuses on young children’s language development and identifying difficulties at an early age. There is a strong emphasis on early intervention.

Be prepared by getting hold of Stories for Talking - a simple and effective programme that will help you address the speech, language and communication needs of children in your setting including children with special needs, language delay, English as an additional language, and those with attention or listening difficulties.


The introductory chapters are anything but brief!  There is a lot of interesting and well written information covering storytime - things like the timing, size of the group, language level of stories, illustrations, repetition, the structure and nature of stories.


The author then looks at the core aspects of language and development - comprehension, expressive language, semantics, the functional use of language, and attention and listening skills.


In the third chapter, Rebecca then turns her attention to language difficulties and supporting strategies. This is packed with useful analogies and what you can do to help.


Following this there is a detailed explanation of the Stories for Talking programme and how to implement it. This is followed by daily activities based on five popular stories: Dora's Eggs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Washing Line, The Enormous Turnip and Walking in the Jungle.


You can decide at what level you feel you need to work. For example, for each story there is a weekly plan for introducing new vocabulary (in the case of Dora's Eggs it is around the theme of animals). Next is a weekly plan for building phrases and sentences (from two to three word sentences). Next is a weekly plan to help develop narrative skills. Each is followed by notes on generalising language and skills within the EYFS. Each story has its own section of photocopiable resources that are linked to the daily activities.


This is truly an impressive package! It's taken us years to get this ready ... and I think you'll see why. It is pretty amazing.


Find out what other people think - read reviews


Here are some sample pages (pdf) of the weekly plan for Goldilocks so that you can get an idea of what to expect. I have included Level 1 - Introducing vocabulary (but haven't included the photocopiable resources).

(This is a pdf file - if you are unable to read the attached file, please click on where you will be transferred to the Adobe Acrobat website.  This will allow you to download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge).



£18.50 each

If you require any further information, please call us on 01785 620364 or email


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