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  1. A weekly walk in the woods, rain or shine 3-5 year olds

  2. Outdoor play 3-5 year olds

  3. The Forest Schools of Sweden (Skogsmulle) and their impact on other countries - Russia, Japan, Finland, Germany

  4. Education for sustainability for 3-5 year olds


  1. My own weekly walks and how they evolved following my visit to Sweden; how we organise ourselves; how we involve parent/carers; how we do observations; how we interact with the children; how we relate these activities to the Stepping Stones and ELGs in the Curriculum Guidance. All illustrated with photos of children I work with.

  2. How we organise and plan our combined indoor and outdoor environments; how we plan for continuous provision; how we teach children to access both environments spontaneously; how we interact with children inside and outside; how we do observations. Illustrated with photos of children at play.

  3. How I got funding to go to Denmark and Sweden to look at outdoor play provision for 3-5 year olds; what I saw in Sweden; how they organised themselves; what their philosophy is; and the impact of my visit on my own practice.

  4. How we can teach education for sustainability to our youngest children (2-6 year olds); how to save water; how to plant and nurture growth; how to learn about the features of our environment; how to protect our environment and begin to understand our mutual interdependence.

Length of presentation/s

1 hour keynote speech or workshop including questions.

Target audience

All practitioners and parents, childminders etc. working with children aged 2-6. There are transition implications either side of the current Foundation Stage.


250 per half day away from base plus travel and expenses

300 per conference presentation plus travel and expenses

400 per whole day away from base plus travel and expenses

If you are a voluntary group and the cost is prohibitive please contact me to discuss.

For more details about me please send a self addressed envelope for my A5 training prospectus.

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