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Working with Children with Specific Learning Difficulties in Early Years

‘As the author points out, many of the early signs of specific learning difficulties are shared with children who are yet to achieve maturation stages, so identifying SpLD in early years can be fraught with danger. However, in her usual readable and practical style the author highlights the need for early identification of learning traits using a range of screening devices and lists suitable standardised tests. The best part of the book, of invaluable use to all early years teachers, is the section on meeting the needs of pupils, which, she states, should arise from the normal curriculum activities. No additional phonic training here then! Her advice and recommendations are practical and as such would readily be transferred into teaching practice, improving the outcomes for all pupils. A bargain at £6 for 60 pages!’

Reviewed in (Special Needs Information Press) SNIP (2001)


‘This isn’t a definitive guide to specific learning difficulties, but Early Years practitioners will welcome the step-by-step approach to the background and issues facing them when they have children with SpLD in their class. The author covers one key area often missed by other writers in this field – working with parents – and teachers will welcome a book that is full of down to earth advice and practical ideas.’

Reviewed in Leadership Focus (NAHT) (2001)

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