Supporting Literacy in the Early Years Reviews

Supporting the Literacy Needs of Children in the Early Years

ĎAll books by Dorothy Smith are eminently sensible, practical and a boon to the busy teacher. In less than 100 pages Dorothy succintly describes the attributes necessary to encourage the development of literacy i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Although not intended as a manual to support those who need to be informed on methods to support those who need to be informed on methods to support pupils with SEN, it does nevertheless, highlight and identify skills important to literacy development. This guides readers towards strategies necessary to support the development of these skills, by identifying assessment and activities to promote acquisition of the stages preceding fluent literacy.

This book would be useful to parents' support groups, early years settings and KS1 schools, as well as providing a good base for learning for those intending to become literacy teachers.

Written in a very accessible style, it encourages all practitioners to focus carefully on the specific needs of those who might otherwise struggle to acquire competent levels of speaking and listening, reading and writing. Extremely good value at £8.

Reviewed in (Special Needs Information Press) SNIP (2001)

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