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Emotional Literacy and Mental Health in the Early Years
 There has been much work recently on the promotion of 'emotional intelligence' and this book considers children's early learning and behaviour, what happens when things go wrong and how emotional well-being can be encouraged.

The term 'emotional literacy' encompasses a range of important issues, including self-awareness, self-control, dealing with relationships, communicating with others and self-esteem. The book has chapters on emotional intelligence, early intervention projects, supporting children with emotional difficulties and working in partnership with others. It also focuses on developing social skills and other practical steps which can be utilised within early years settings. There is a positive and practical approach to supporting children, and other references which practitioners may find useful. The role of the special needs co-ordinator is stressed in terms of taking the lead in assessing a child's strengths and weaknesses and planning programmes which may be implemented within the early years setting to help minimise difficulties.

The focus is on how practitioners can make a difference for children, and this little book provides, as do many in the QEd series, commonsense and practical solutions delivered in a jargon-free and highly readable style.

Reviewed in Special! Magazine Spring, 2004


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For early years settings looking for practical and clearly explained information on identifying and addressing the emotional needs of vulnerable children, this book provides great value. Its brevity (40+ pages) adds to its strength as it provides an overview of many areas important to have an understanding of when working with young children, but at the same time can be read quite quickly and easily by staff.

It looks at causes of difficulties and the actions settings can take to support both children and parents and would be of benefit to all early years settings and trainers. Useful contacts address list at the back. Exceptional value at 6 inc p+p.

Reviewed in Special Needs Information Press (SNIP) May, 2003


This is just one title in a series of books written by the highly respected educational psychologist and early years author, Dr Hannah Mortimer. In this title, Mortimer focuses on children's 'emotional intelligence', a phrase that is increasingly being used to describe how children deal with their own feelings and those of the people around them, and looks at how we can promote emotional wellbeing in the children we care for.

Mortimer covers a range of issues including how to use circle time effectively to promote self-esteem, how to support children with emotional difficulties and those going through life changes such as bereavement and divorce and working effectively in partnership with professionals. There are also several examples of successful early intervention projects.

Clearly set out and written in a style that makes for easier reading than many of the other 'heavier' books that are available, this book, with its common sense approach and practical ideas and advice, will be a great asset to practitioners working in a range of settings.


Reviewed in Early Years Educator (EYE) April, 2004

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