AD/HD and Attention Difficulties in the Early Years Reviews

Supporting Children with AD/HD and Attention Difficulties in the Early Years

'This is a super little book, a 'must have' for any early years setting, whether or not there is a child with AD/HD. It's unlikely to be left on the shelf - it is so full of useful information, ideas and strategies for dealing with the child who has attention problems, that the practitioner will probably have it constantly to hand.

It is a short and small book, written in the author's usually clear and practical style, with a very reader-friendly approach. Its five chapters give a background to AD/HD, working with the AD/HD child at both stages of the Code of Practice (Early Years Action and Early Years Action Plus), strategies for working with the child and suggestions for working with parents. It also has contact details for resources and organisations related to the management of AD/HD.

Although the book's title focuses on AD/HD, the content addresses attention difficulties in a general sense, and has very useful information and ideas that can be used in any relevant situation. This is certainly a book to be recommended.

Reviewed in Nursery World (May, 2002)


'Children with these conditions have difficulty in sustaining their attention, controlling impulsive behaviour and controlling their motor activity. These can affect their learning, behaviour and developmental progress. Briefly considers identification, diagnosis and what you might observe in this group of children and suggests ways of providing practical support in early years settings. Advises on the kinds of support that might be available from professionals outside these settings and how a parent can work alongside professionals to help the child. Suggests ways of delivering the early years curriculum effectively, proposing useful strategies and helpful home programmes. Lists support groups and organisations that can offer support and information.'

ACE Bulletin (October, 2002)

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