Speech & Language Friendly SchoolGuidelines for a Speech and Language Friendly School

Another valuable new resource. This aims to support early years and primary settings in raising awareness of speech and language issues and providing information on how to increase skills.

The increased concern regarding the depleted speech and language skills indicated by children and the lack of sufficient numbers of speech and language therapists to support them, ensures that this information will be well received in schools. The publication is aimed at whole-school, whole-class support of pupils with speech and language needs rather than at individual programmes, although it does offer advice in this area also.

The publication begins with a very useful self-evaluation checklist to allow staff to reflect on their present provision and needs regarding speech and language. The audit provides ideas and suggests success criteria. Also included is a checklist for use with individual children for whom concerns have been raised, followed by a section that breaks the original concerns down into smaller areas.

There is a chapter that suggests targets useful for including on IEPs and, finally, a glossary that defines terms and includes samples IEPs. All for 10 including p&p - another bargain!

Reviewed in Special Needs Information Press (SNIP)

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