Behaviour Management in the Early YearsReviews

Behaviour Management in the Early Years

Review: School Library Association, Summer, 2007 (SLA)

These accessible and easily assimilated slim books (refers also to Worry Box) are essentially practical and practically applicable. They are highly recommended as staff resources for any school nursery and pre-school facilities or active connections locally.

The first, on behaviour management, has strategies for observing and assessing behaviour in a consistent manner as well as analyses of differing types of behaviour and a look at what is ‘typical’ anyway. As well as suggestions of procedures to follow there are helpful explorations of other avenues, in case things do not quite work out as desired, and a section on supporting parents. This book is a companion to the An A-Z of Tricky Behaviours in the Early Years.

The second book here, Worry Box, looks at things from the perspectives of the youngsters themselves and the multifarious causes of anxiety, real and perceived. The bulk of this book comes as 12 useful techniques and activities.

The publisher’s website, has details of a number of other short and extremely usable books by Dr Mortimer on such topics as inclusion policy and advice for parents and carers groups.

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