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This week's special offer


Behaviour in the Early Years 

We have two books that compliment each other perfectly:

Behaviour Management in the Early Years, and

An A-Z of Tricky Behaviours


Normal price is 11 for both


This week just 5 for both



Behaviour Management   A-Z of Tricky Behaviour


Behaviour Management in the Early Years


What is 'typical' behaviour in young children? How do you set about changing problem behaviour? What is the best way of observing and assessing behaviour? What sort of interventions should I try ... and what happens when those don't seem to be working?

This is a helpful and practical booklet for dealing with young children's behaviour.


An A-Z of Tricky Behaviours in the Early Years


Here are some imaginative ideas for managing some of the more common tricky behaviours you are likely to have to deal with on a day-to-day basis in a nursery group, childminding setting, playgroup or creche. These include biting, bossing, climbing, crying, ditching the dummy, kicking and smacking, lack of confidence, not doing as asked, pulling and tugging, running off, scratching, soiling, spitting, swearing and temper tantrums! Each has a brief pen picture of a child displaying that kind of difficulty, what you should try and why it works.


Both behaviour books   


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