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Books for 1    Books for 1
Managing your 4-8 year-old  
Managing your 8-12 year-old  
Managing your 13-16 year-old  

RUMPUS is a user-friendly title for what is effectively a pre-school behaviour group. Developed by educational and child psychologist Hannah Mortimer, the aim is to support parents and their young children where there are particular difficulties in managing behaviour. What you will find is a combination of approaches to put parents at their ease, improve the attention skills of the children, encourage early language and interactive play, build up family relationships and provide practical advice based on realistic expectations.

Step by Step Some young children need extra support to encourage their development they might have special needs or they might need extra stimulation and structure to make progress. This book will help you set up and run such a group.
Music & Play This book will help you with ideas about what you need in terms of equipment and skills; suggestions for the music session that are accessible at any level of musical ability (you do not need to be musical yourself); supported play activities.
Baby & Me Baby music time, sensory games, the use of baby massage and activities to promote looking, listening, laughing, playing and sharing together.
Making Connections How to set up a therapeutic group for parents or carers who have attachment difficulties with their young children. This will help you understand more about patterns of attachment and provides practical ways of designing interventions that will help build self-esteem in parents and carers and their children and help form attachments.
Books for 2    Books for 2
Personal, Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years
Specific Learning Difficulties in the Early Years
AD/HD and Attention Difficulties in the Early Years
Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Early Years
Emotional Literacy in the Early Years
Gifted and Talented Children in the Early Years
Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy in the Early Years
Supporting Literacy in the Early Years
Books for 2.50    Books for 2.50
Guidelines for a Speech & Language Friendly School
Behaviour Management in the Early Years
An A-Z of Tricky Behaviours
Books for 3    Books for 3
Worry Box: Managing Anxiety in Young Children
Listening to Children in the Early Years
So, I've got Dyslexia . . . Now What?
Handwriting in the Secondary School
Writing left-handed . . .
Developing a handwriting policy for your school
Books for 5    Books for 5
Quick Cards - Number Operations (Maths games)
Quick Cards - Time & Money (Maths games)
Four in a Row - Time & Money (Maths games)


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