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Getting to Grips with Word Problems

Getting to Grips with Word Problems

£12.95 (FREE postage)

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Is the language of maths causing problems for your pupils?

Many children are able to cope in maths when asked to do calculations, but struggle when the same calculations are presented as written problems. For this reason, word problems are perhaps one of the least popular and most difficult aspects of primary mathematics.
Getting to Grips with Word Problems provides a structured approach to help such pupils. Starting with the four main operations, pupils work through a format that not only trains them to think carefully about the way in which a problem can be attacked, but also promotes success before moving on to more challenging chapters. Each of the following chapters begins with a ‘Getting to Grips with’ section which helps to explain the concepts involved, followed by ‘Solve It’ sections with contextual questions for pupils to work through. The chapters deal with such concepts as decimals, percentages, fractions, money, averages and measurement – topics which pupils of all abilities may struggle with from time to time.

Four in a Row: Time & Money


Four in a Row: Time & Money   SPECIAL OFFER

£5 (FREE postage)


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There are many resources to teach children time and money . . . but not many that are quite so interesting and unusual as this.

Based on the game Connect 4, this is a genuinely brilliant idea to get children working with seconds, minutes and hours, relating analogue and digital times, changing 12 hour times to 24 hour times; adding, subtracting and dividing coins, working out percentages . . . all in a simple games format they will play endlessly!

That’s quite a bold claim . . . but we’ve done it before with the original Four in a Row (see below) and we know just how successful it was at engaging children. Our customers who are big fans of Four in a Row prompted us to do a Time and Money version – hence this edition.

The book is divided into two sections (obviously!), each dealing with time and money. Each section is broken down into several subsections designed to improve understanding, gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Suitable for primary (and children struggling with these skills in secondary), the book contains hundreds of photocopiable master sheets (114 pages).


Word Problems: The Language of Maths

Word Problems: The Language of Maths

£12.95 (FREE postage)

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You've come across this ... children can do calculations – the mechanical aspect – but put the problem into a written context and you will frequently hear, ‘Is it an add or a take away?' 


Using a gradual and structured approach, this makes makes a traditionally difficult aspect of mathematics much more accessible and comprehensible.

Target Maths

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What the reviewers say

1) Target Maths is a real thinking activity that is stimulating, highly addictive and a handy resource as part of a maths toolkit.

2) All ability levels are catered for and the sets offer excellent value for money.

3) Target Maths is an extremely useful tool in the teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It fulfils several needs at very different levels by providing small-step progress for the less able, by boosting the self-esteem of children who have emotional/behavioural difficulties, and by challenging the more able children, while at the same time encouraging improved group relationships and, very importantly, making learning fun! I thoroughly recommend Target Maths.

Well, we could go on and on enthusing about this amazing resource, but why not just give it a try. Available from the Maths Zone.

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Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy in the EYFS

£2 (FREE postage)

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At a very early age, children are beginning to grasp mathematical ‘concepts’ as they endeavour to make sense of the world. In this book, Hannah Mortimer explains these early stages of development and provides practical examples of how early years workers can support and encourage early number work. From the child’s first year, through toddlerhood, the under threes and the Foundation Stage, examples are given that will help you both understand and support children’s mathematical development.

Quick Cards: Number Operations SPECIAL OFFER

Quick Cards: Number Operations

Usual price £10

Special offer £5 (post FREE)

An excellent way of doing mental maths.

The advantage of Quick Cards is that the activity can be carried out independently by pairs of children. Pupils get immediate feedback on their responses. As far as the teacher is concerned, no preparation or marking are required. The pages have been laid out in such a way that the purchasing school can photocopy the sheets, laminate them (if you wish) and cut them into individual cards.

The contents include: doubles and near doubles within 20; addition within 20; subtraction within 20; doubling and halving; multiplication to 10 x 10; division with no remainders; division with remainders; subtract single digit from multiple of 100; subtract 1 digit from 3 digit number bridging the 100; subtract single digit from multiple of 1000; adding decimals - whole number answer; adding decimals - units and tenths.

Quick Cards for mental maths: Time, Money SPECIAL OFFER

Quick Cards:

Time, Money, Approximation, Estimation

Usual price £10

Special offer £5 (post FREE)

The format is the same as Quick Cards for Mental Maths: Number Operations (see above).

The contents of this book include: calendar knowledge; calendar dates; making 60; analogue to digital time; simple durations; 12 and 24 hour clock times; making £1; rounding to the nearest 10 (within 200); rounding to the nearest 100 (4 digits); estimation of 3-digit number divided by 1 digit.

An excellent and very popular resource to have in the classroom.


Target maths


Target maths


Target Maths


Target maths


Target maths

A fantastic resource to encourage children

Designed to help children with SEN



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Don't spend hours preparing worksheets ... use TARGET MATHS

Try it on screen now


Make the target number using all numbers on the card.
You can add, subtract, multiply or divide. You must use all numbers, but use each number only once.

There are five sets of cards each at different levels of difficulty. Each set comprises 120 double-sided cards. Cards use all four operations. It can be played by an individual ... ‘how many can you solve in 5 minutes?’ ... in pairs, or in groups. This is the most versatile, practical and effective maths activity currently available.

• Does it require any preparation?

No. Solutions are provided in the Solutions Sheet.

• Does it need much supervision? 

No. The rules are very simple and experience shows that children find these challenging and enjoyable.

• Are all abilities catered for? 

Yes. The activites are carefully graded.

Set 1 – only three numbers are used – *suitable for Years 4 and 5.
Set 2 – four single digits are used (see example above) – suitable for Years 5 and 6.
Set 3 – four single and double digit numbers are used – suitable for Years 6 and 7.
Set 4 – fractions are introduced – suitable for Years 6 and 7.
Set 5 – By using a ‘?’ to complete the solution, the level of difficulty can be carefully managed. For example: “Take a card and see if all the numbers from 1 to 10 in place of the ‘?’ will give a solution.” Alternatively, suggest the use of just addition and subtraction at a lower level. This set is suitable for all ages.
(* age groups are supplied as a rough guide only)


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