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  1. Inclusion and Equality Training

  2. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Made Easy

  3. People Power: Inclusive Teambuilding

  4. Disability and inclusion: a historical perspective

  5. Early Years Inclusion Training

  6. It's the law! - discrimination and equality legislation

  7. Diversity and equality training

  8. Models of disability

  9. Diversity works! - the inclusive workplace

  10. Individuals matter: challenging oppressive systems

  11. Word Power - the art of respectful language

  12. Disability and the media

  13. Emotional health and organisations

  14. Facilitated and Augmentative Communication: a voice for nonverbal learners

  15. Working with parents and carers

  16. Beating the bullies: support and mentoring strategies

  17. Access planning    

  18. Strategies for successful transition

  19. Person-centred planning tools 


  1. Inclusion and Equality Training is an excellent primer in the essentials of inclusion and equality and their application to education or workplace settings. Focusing particularly on a social model of disability, the programme promotes clear, well-informed thinking about the attitudes, systems, procedures and environments that disable individuals. Issues in mental health and emotional intelligence are also covered. Delegates formulate action plans for facilitating change in their organisations.

  2. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Made Easy gives a step-by-step tour of the DDA. Your organisation must comply with this important but complex legislation. Our enjoyable programme demonstrates simple strategies to ensure your disabled colleagues, employees and clients are fully respected and accommodated as equal members of the team or community. You'll discover that rather than being a legal nightmare, the DDA is an exciting challenge and a welcome tool for positive and beneficial change.

  3. People Power: Inclusive Teambuilding is a direct route to getting the best from every member of your staff team. Effective teams are essential to any organisation’s success. This lively and motivating workshop offers delegates the insight, enthusiasm and skills to build more efficient and fulfilled teams. Communication, handling conflict and valuing difference are just a few of the areas that are studied with EQuality Training's hallmark style - serious learning whilst having fun!

Length of presentation/s

EQuality Training delivers bespoke programmes that match the needs of each client group. We explore your needs in detail and create the right blend of trainers and programme elements to deliver the outcomes you need.

Target audience

We work with employers and their staff to enable everyone’s skills to be better used in the workplace. We can work at every level within organisations to enable effective, positive practice.


Half-day (two trainers) £800; full training day (two trainers) £1300

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