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Welcome to QEd Publications. We publish educational books for the Early Years Foundation Stage, provide up-to-date information on the EYFS, resources to help those working with children with special needs, including maths help, dyslexia, speech and language difficulties and helpful guides on parenting skills




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Worried about Early Years Foundation Stage paperwork?


Track children's progress with Trackers, books on behaviour management, music, speech and language and much more Childminders click here.

Speech and Language difficulties?


Speech and language is getting a lot of attention now - get some help here for both early years and primary with Stories for Talking, Active Listening and our popular Guidelines for a Speech and Language Friendly School.

Dyslexia ... specific learning difficulties?


In this section we have maths resources that really help children with special needs with dyslexia, books for pre-school and reception teachers to understand how best to help children with SpLD, and a new book for parents and young people with dyslexia that's full of practical advice and support. Parents often need help when trying to support children with special needs - parents can find help here to help their children at home.

Behaviour problems ... bullying ... anxiety?


How often have you wished for an instruction manual when trying to deal with tricky behaviour? In this section you'll find some books full of imaginative ideas for managing some of those difficult behaviours. Bullying and issues of self-esteem are areas of such concern at the moment. Have a look at our series dealing with bullying, anxiety and anger ... a different approach to some age-old problems. As a parent are you frustrated that you can't get the help you need? There is help for parents here.

Frightened of maths?


Unfortunately, so many children are frightened of maths. Our maths resources come at maths from a slightly different angle - using games, strong visual clues and very structured activities to make it much more accessible to children. If you are a parent looking for ways to help your child at home, you will find many resources here to help you.

Help for childminders


Childminders have been lumbered with loads of paperwork in recent years. We can help make your life a bit easier with books like Trackers and a host of other easy-to-use manuals - and with special discounts too!

Childminders get your help here ...

Help for parents


Of course you can avoid all parenting problems by not having children ... but if you do have a child like this, then you can use our amazing booklets to help you. Managing your 4-8 year-old, Managing your 8-12 year-old and Managing your 13-16 year-old continue to be some of our best sellers and will help you polish up on your parenting skills.

Sure Start and Children's Centres


A range of books to support parents and children - including managing behaviour, supporting young children with special needs, the use of baby massage and sensory games, music and games, and running therapeutic groups for parents and carers.

Looking for a good speaker?


QEd Publications doesn't only do books ... planning a staff training day and need a good speaker dealing with behaviour management, dyslexia, inclusion, speech and language, autism, maths help, EYFS etc? We have a list of some of the best.

Assembly Time


Have you been asked to do the school assembly ... and can't think of anything to do? Well, we have a solution - 30 interactive assemblies designed to combat bullying and improve relationships that require little or no preparation that will involve the children ... and leave an impact!

Monster special offers


We always have one or two special offers on our site ... always worth a look.

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