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 Developing a handwriting policy for your school . . . a practical guide
by Suzanne Tiburtius and Sheila Henderson

Developing a handwriting policy

We all know that like reading, spelling and maths, handwriting is a skill that has to be taught. But it is a complex skill involving a wide range of abilities - and with the growing demands on children to learn an ever broader curriculum it becomes more difficult to commit the time to developing this particular skill.


So we can wring our hands and shake our heads ... or we can take the advice in this handy booklet about how to develop a policy in your school that works. This is full of practical tips about how to get all the staff involved, teaching the basics, how to help children who are struggling, monitoring and assessment and many other key areas. Every primary school should have a copy of this invaluable little book.

ISBN 1 872832 20 2     Published 2005     44 pages        

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