The language of maths and word problems can

cause real difficulties for some children   


Getting to Grips with Word Problems   Getting to Grips with Word Problems




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Many children are able to cope in maths when asked to do calculations, but struggle when the same calculations are presented as written problems. For this reason, word problems are perhaps one of the least popular and most difficult aspects of primary mathematics.

Getting to Grips with Word Problems provides a structured approach to help such pupils. Starting with the four main operations, pupils work through a format that not only trains them to think carefully about the way in which a problem can be attacked, but also promotes success before moving on to more challenging chapters.


Each of the following chapters begins with a ‘Getting to Grips with’ section which helps to explain the concepts involved, followed by ‘Solve It’ sections with contextual questions for pupils to work through. The chapters deal with such concepts as decimals, percentages, fractions, money, averages and measurement – topics which pupils of all abilities may struggle with from time to time.

“I really like the way the book is set out – the clear print, the use of boxes, lots of space around the boxes and visual prompts to aid understanding and access. It is age appropriate and accessible to the target audience . . . very useful with pupils who are learning these areas of maths for the first time at KS2 and also for those pupils in KS3 who are struggling with word problems and with understanding the underlying concepts in these areas of maths”. Reviewed in AFASIC News


The 128 page resource comes in a spiral bound format to enable you to easily photocopy pages for your pupils.


To get a feel for the resource, here are some sample pages from the section on fractions (if you are unable to read the attached file, please click on where you will be transferred to the Adobe Acrobat website.  This will allow you to download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge).


Price £12.95 (POST FREE)


If you require any further information, please call us on 01785 620364 or email


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