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Need help with your EYFS paperwork? Our EYFS Trackers will make your job as a childminder a lot easier. Observe and record children's progress in an easy format. We also have books to help childminders with EYFS activity ideas, tackle behaviour problems, help with communication and language development and many others          



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Trackers for the EYFS Trackers  


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10-19 copies £4.25 each

20-49 copies £4 each

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Manage your EYFS paperwork the easy way ...


These will help you observe and record children's progress. You need one book for each child.


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Stories for Talking

Stories for Talking

£18.50 (FREE postage)

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The EYFS focuses a lot on Communication and the early identification of language difficulties. This is a detailed but easy to use programme that will help you support the early development of language. It's very structured, with a clear plan for each day that is very easy to implement.


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A-Z of Tricky Behaviours in the Early Years

A-Z of Tricky Behaviours

£2.50 (FREE postage)

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Imaginative ideas for dealing with some of the more common difficult behaviours that you might have to deal with from biting to swearing. The book is divided into two sections - a short section offering a set of principles for managing children's behaviour, followed by an A-Z of typical problem behaviours, with real-life examples and suggested solutions.


Behaviour Management in the Early Years

Behaviour management in the early years

£2.50 (FREE postage)

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What is ‘typical’ behaviour in young children? How do you set about changing problem behaviour? What do we mean when we talk about behaviour management? How do I draw up a Behaviour Policy for my setting? What is the best way of observing and assessing behaviour?
What sort of interventions should I try, and what happens when those don’t seem to be working? How should we support parents who have a child with challenging behaviour?

You'll find the answers in this easy-to-read guide.



£2 (FREE postage)

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This book provides a method for assessing and recording what children can do in the Foundation Stage. Aimed especially at teachers who have children with special educational needs in their care, it can be used with all children and fits in well with everyday activities. It adopts a ‘one step at a time’ approach and suggests ideas on how to develop a child’s repertoire of play.

AD/HD and Attention Difficulties in the Early Years

ADHD and attention difficulties in the early years

£2 (FREE postage)

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In this book Hannah Mortimer concentrates on planning and supporting the individual needs of children with attention difficulties. There are useful pointers to help in identification; examples of developing, implementing and monitoring programmes and activities; working with other professionals; and working in partnership with parents.

Listening to Children in their Early Years

Listening to Children

£3 (FREE postage)

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Listening to children involves much more than simply ‘hearing’ what they have to say . . . we know that. But how do we tune in to children? How do we really see things from their point of view?
Here are practical ways to help you do just that - techniques for developing good two-way communication; ideas on how to use cameras to involve children; child conferencing; child passports; the Mosaic approach and many, many more. There are also sections on how to tune in to babies; working with children with disabilities and some examples of all these activities in practice.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Early Years

£2 (FREE postage)

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This book on autism for parents and practitioners starts with an introduction that includes a helpful 'frequently asked questions' type section. Chapter two discusses diagnoses and labelling; there is a chapter on understanding autistic spectrum disorders, and others covering educational goals and specialist approaches, working with parents, building communication skills, developing social understanding and play and, finally, managing behaviour.



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