Assembly Time 


30 interactive assemblies designed to combat bullying

and improve relationships


by Don Oliver


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Ever needed some quality assemblies at your fingertips? Here are 30 interactive assemblies each with a strong message that require little, or no preparation.


The assemblies are aimed at teachers and others who work with children of upper junior and secondary age. They centre around the idea that everyone has the right to be different and will form a useful aid in schools concerned with combating bullying.


Devised and delivered by a practising teacher, they actively involve pupils and use humour to make their points.  Very little if any preparation is involved. They will hold the attention of all and will not be forgotten by the end of Period 1!  


Improving pupils' relationships has a high priority in schools. Good, quality assemblies that are interactive and carry strong messages offer a useful part of a good behaviour ethos in a school. 


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